Variety – ‘Daybreak’ dawns for Tim Kring

05 June 2011 - "Trophy Kids" World Film Festival Premiere

If the first-season finale of the Fox series “Touch” has left a yawning chasm in your life, fear not. Executive producer Tim Kring has launched spinoff of sorts on May 31 in “Daybreak,” a digital series done with AT&T as sponsor. Series extends the mythos of the dodecahedron introduced toward the tail end of “Touch’s” season to tell a whole new story as action- and tech-heavy as the Fox show (but with none of the cast). “Daybreak” brings in fresh talent like Ryan Eggold (“90210”) who might seem like the star, but the true talent on display is the HTC One X handset AT&T is promoting here via some high-end product integration. First episode, all of 9 minutes, is above, with five more to unspool in the coming weeks. There’s also all sorts of ancillary content goodies pinned all over the website, which can be found at

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