Entertainment Weekly – The Blacklist: Redemption: What’s really going on with Whitehall?


Now that Scottie knows Tom is her long-missing and presumed dead son, it won’t be long before she confronts him during Thursday’s episode of The Blacklist: Redemption — and EW has an exclusive first look at their family reunion!

Tom (Ryan Eggold) will find himself torn between his parents as Scottie (Famke Janssen) implores her son to reveal what he knows about Whitehall. Alas, she doesn’t quite trust that he’s none the wiser, turning Tom over to Solomon (Edi Gathegi) to, well, probably torture it out of him.

What exactly is Whitehall? The Blacklist viewers may remember hearing about Whitehall in connection to a biological weapons lab during an early February episode of the flagship series. “It is a corporation that obviously we saw in The Blacklist had a wing which was doing incredibly nefarious things,” executive producer Jon Bokenkamp says. “Yes, there is a little Easter egg there for people who are paying incredibly close attention.”

But considering how desperate Scottie is to uncover more information about Whitehall, it’s certainly more than just an Easter egg. “Whitehall is the end game,” Bokenkamp says. “Whitehall is the big question mark. It’s something that we saw in the first episode of Redemption, and Whitehall is the end game. Whitehall is what everyone is ultimately clamoring for, and Whitehall will become an incredibly big problem for some key people on Redemption.”

As Tom races to learn the truth about Whitehall, he’ll reach out to an unexpected ally for help during Thursday’s episode. “I would tease that that may tether us back to The Blacklist in a way,” Bokenkamp reveals. “There may be a little crossover there.”

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