TSR – ‘New Amsterdam’ Pilot Review: A New Type Of Medical Drama (Yes, Seriously!)

New Amsterdam

We have to say, our first impression of New Amsterdam within the first 30 seconds was: This is already hokey. Oh my gosh, are we really going to sit and watch another stereotypical hospital drama with a strangely hot young doctor? At least the main character is easy on the eyes, which is going to be majorly beneficial if this is just another typical drama.

Our opinion on that has changed within the first ten minutes. We thought it was going to be just a typical boring doctor show, however, we’ve decided that this doctor is just amazing. Max is not just another typical medical director from a drama show–he’s got some wit and he’s got a different kind of attitude.

The characters themselves so far seem to be incredibly likable. It’s hard not to show interest when there are such lovable characters in the show. They all have different, unique personalities that we haven’t really seen in many medical dramas and we haven’t found the person that we’re all supposed to hate yet. Every character has a story of their own.

New Amsterdam started out hokey and boring but has already started to pull at our heartstrings. We’re already feeling ourselves growing attached to the characters and falling in love with the main character. We would highly recommend that anyone give Max a chance and see that he’s going to be something different.

Max himself is a whole different can of worms that will leave you in tears by the end of the show. He’s going to make you fall in love with him–his personality, the character himself is just an incredible and refreshing way to go in a medical drama.

Without giving anything away- the plot takes a turn near the end of the episode and it makes things a little more difficult. It’ll ignite emotions and fear in you and you’ll see that not everything is as it seems, not everything can be hunky dory and you’ve got to take life by the reigns and run with it.

Sometimes moving fast is the only option and slowing down certainly isn’t an option for Max, and it’s no longer an option for anyone else in New Amsterdam Hospital, including characters we haven’t properly been introduced to yet. Suffice to say, they’re going to have to keep up with him and keep up with his ways.

One line stuck out near the end, “People are excited to be doctors again”, and we have to say that we’re excited to follow them on their journey. This show has genuinely reignited our excitement in medical dramas.

You won’t want to miss out on the September 25th premiere of New Amsterdam so be sure to set yourself up to follow Max and his journey in making New Amsterdam Hospital a better place to be. Keep your tissues near though, because there are sure to be more than enough tear-inducing moments for everyone.

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