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New Amsterdam

A new medical drama inspired by a true story that has already conquered America arrives on Canale 5, Sunday in the early evening. The protagonist is Ryan Eggold

If there is a television genre that seems to never run out, it is hospital series. What in the United States are called medical drama : from the unforgettable “ER – Doctors on the front line” to “Grey’s Anatomy” , from the legendary “Dr. House” to the recent phenomenon of “The good doctor” , the series set between the wards and clinics are often well received by the general public.

And if it is true that perhaps they all look a little alike, there is always at least one element capable of making a difference and striking people’s hearts.

In the case of ” New Amsterdam” , broadcast on Canale 5 starting May 5 with 13 new episodes , the novelty is that it is a true story: the character of Max Goodwin , a handsome, generous and willing doctor, is indeed inspired by Eric Manheimer , a doctor who for 15 years was the director of the gigantic Bellevue in New York, the oldest American public hospital (it was founded in 1736), which in television fiction takes the name of New Amsterdam. Playing the role of Goodwin is Ryan Eggold , who after having played in series like “90210” and (above all) “The blacklist” has finally found a well-deserved leading role.

«I come from a family of doctors, so finally now they make me sit at the table with them at Christmas and they tell me: ‘You won’t be a doctor, but at least now you can pretend!’» Says the actor, laughing. “Seriously, what I like most about Goodwin’s character is that his philosophy could be applied to any institution, not just healthcare: he wants to help, he wants to lend a hand. For Goodwin, the most important thing is to understand how we can make things better, fix the areas where we are failing. The of him is a universal message. I think it’s a very optimistic show: it tells us that each individual can make a difference, in whatever field he works ».

Manheimer, the inspirer of the series, also makes his contribution: “For us, his presence is invaluable,” explains Eggold. “Eric is a fantastic person and often visits the set being one of the producers.” «He gives many ideas to the authors by telling the experiences he had at Bellevue with patients from all over the world. The stories we tell in the episodes are all inspired by authentic events, and this is what makes the series unique ».

And just like Manheimer, Goodwin will also have to face an even tougher challenge than his personal health mission: a cancer that is diagnosed in the very first episodes. “This idea also comes from Eric’s true experience, who fought the disease and defeated it, while giving up his precious work for a while,” says the actor. “Goodwin, my character, is so focused on helping others that he doesn’t realize the importance of helping himself. But sooner or later he too will have to face this terrible reality ».

In the United States, “New Amsterdam” was one of the most watched new series of last season, averaging nearly 7 million weekly viewers. “I think the public is responding well thanks to the quality with which the characters have been written, I think people find them familiar, as if they were people they have always known” says Eggold, who as in any self-respecting “medical drama” is supported by a team of specialists, each with his own discipline (see below). “After all, that’s what I’m looking for when I watch a series: stories in which I can recognize my personal experiences.”

Among the most important topics of “New Amsterdam”, then, there is that of the state of national health, a topic that in the United States (where there is a health system very different from ours, dominated by private insurance without which you pay every cure in a very salty way) has always divided public opinion: “We certainly do not plan to save the world with a show, but we do think that a program that speaks to millions of viewers every week can become part of the conversation,” says Eggold. “If you have such an important tool in your hands, it is fair to ask: what can we use it for?”

The story is taken from “Twelve patients: life and death at Bellevue hospital” , the book written by Eric Manheimer, who was the medical director of Bellevue and is now the author and producer of the series. The main character is built on him, Dr. Max Goodwin, played by Ryan Eggold.

In the first episode we will see his arrival, as new director, at the New Amsterdam medical center (remember that “New Amsterdam” was the first name of New York when it was founded by the Dutch in the seventeenth century). Doctor Goodwin is a man of inflexible morals, for him there are no differences between rich patients and poor patients. He doesn’t take no for an answer and his decisions aren’t always welcome. Above all, Max has a mission: to reform the hospital system to ensure access to care for everyone.

Much of the footage was shot inside Bellevue Hospital itself which was extensively refurbished after severe damage from Hurricane Sandy in 2012. It was shot on weekends in order to minimize disruption to people as much as possible. hospitalized patients. In this small universe, we will not only see Goodwin move, but also the entire team of doctors who work alongside him. White coats with their frustrated ambitions, ideals and passions.

Cast and characters

Ryan Eggold – Doctor Max Goodwin
He is the new director of the New Amsterdam medical center. An idealist fighting the bureaucracy to ensure care for all patients.

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