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New Amsterdam

If for five seasons we have seen him risk his life as a spy in “The Blacklist”, in a strange game of parts, today lives have started to save them. Obviously we are talking about fiction

If for five seasons we have seen him risk his life as a spy in “The Blacklist” , in a strange game of parts today Ryan Eggold has started saving lives. Obviously we are talking about fiction. Indeed, he is the great doctor Max Goodwin , protagonist of “New Amsterdam” , the new medical TV series of Canale 5 broadcast every Sunday in prime time. A role that, as the actor has thrilled, is now captivating the TV audience. “During the shoot, Eric Manheimer (the doctor who wrote the book that inspired the series, ed) was always on set with us actors,” explains Ryan. “I spent all my time asking him what his experience had been like. And for this very reason the characters of “New Amsterdam” are much more realistic than those of many other similar series. We took lessons from a real doctor, as well as shooting in a hospital: this helped us a lot to get into the characters ».

A golden yearThirty-four years old, born in Los Angeles, Eggold is really on the stepping stone today. Because in 2018, in addition to «New Amsterdam», he was also the protagonist of «BlacKkKlansman», the Spike Lee film that received the “Grand Jury Prize” at the last Cannes Film Festival. A success achieved after the classic apprenticeship: first in the theater, then on television in several episodes of some series including “Fever of love” and “90210”, the sequel to the legendary “Beverly Hills 90210” , and finally in the cinema. On the big screen he also had a taste of Italy playing for Gabriele Muccino in “Fathers and daughters” of 2015.

Without fearBut away from the set, what is Ryan like? Definitely a sportsman, as the broad shoulders suggest, albeit hidden under Dr. Goodwin’s smock. “I play American football,” he says, “and I’m passionate about extreme sports. For example, I love skydiving: it’s something that gives me crazy emotions “. Maximum reserve, however, on the love front. Although for some time he had been rumored of an engagement, never confirmed, with his colleague Megan Boone and a flirtation with another actress, Ashley Greene. And to anyone who asks him if he has a partner today, Eggold replies with a smile and a joke: “I am a poor man alone and abandoned!”

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