Switzerland – 20min – “At first I was criticized by mom”

Ryan and Jody

Ryan Eggold plays a doctor in the series “New Amsterdam” on Sunday evenings on RTS1. Among the Eggolds, we are doctors almost from generation to generation. Ryan is the only one who chose show biz over medical school.

It is the members of your family who will learn to play a doctor in “New Amsterdam”?

My mother is a doctor, my sister a nurse, my uncle and my aunt doctors. As in all good Jewish families, we are almost seen as the black sheep if we choose something else. But I caught the comedy virus at school after seeing “Peter Pan” . My mom and sister never miss a single episode of “New Amsterdam” and I get text messages whenever I make a mistake. It’s getting better after more than two years of filming, but I got criticized a few times in the beginning by mom.

Your character, Doctor Max Goodwin , is now a young dad …

It ‘s great to have a baby on the show, it’s training me for the day I’m going to be a father for real … even though I’m in no rush (laughs) . That Goodwin is a dad is important , it brings a new level of drama to our episodes. This doctor can no longer give up in the face of drama, because he has a baby who depends on him.

How does “New Amsterdam” evolve in this season 2 ?

We will endeavor to show even more the disparities of the medical system in the United States, where everything is based only on the dollar. It is possible to buy certain drugs or products such as insulin in Canada for half the price than in the USA. In America the big groups and laboratories control the prices which are prohibitive. With “New Amsterdam” we hope to entertain while informing viewers in the hope of turning things around a few months before the American elections .

After appearances in the “Entourage”, “Dirt” and “Veronica Mars” series, it was the remake of “Beverly Hills, 90210” that launched your career more than ten years ago …

That ‘s the show that never dies (laughs) . There have been so many incarnations and revivals of ” 90210″ that it’s become part of American pop culture. What ‘s funny is seeing how the company has changed over the decades since the original’s very first installment thirty years ago.

You have done almost your entire career on TV since you were in “Blacklist” before “New Amsterdam”. Why this choice?

I like the schedules and regular schedule of a TV series . I was often reproached for being old in my youth. As a teenager , I never freaked out or partied too hard. To this day I’d rather stay home with a novel than go out to a party . I’m more excited by reading a script than by a pool party or a rave with drugs and alcohol. At 36 , I don’t have many friends , maybe because people think I’m boring … but that ‘s suits me!

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