Insider – 52 celebrities you probably forgot were on ‘Veronica Mars’

Veronica Mars

In September 2004, “Veronica Mars” aired on the now-defunct WB. Viewers immediately fell in love with the titular character (played by Kristen Bell), a teenage private investigator who uses savvy and smarts to solved crimes throughout her high school as well as her class-divided hometown of Neptune, California.

Though the show originally aired for only three seasons, it was a favorite among fans. So much so that when creator Rob Thomas launched a Kickstarter to fund a film version, the fans managed to raise the required $2 million in 12 hours. (In total, the Kickstarter raised $5.7 million.) So it wasn’t a surprise when Hulu brought back “Veronica Mars” for an eight-episode fourth season, which hit the
service in July 2019.

Throughout the show’s first three seasons (and a movie), many celebrities made appearances on the noir drama.

From Academy Award-winning actress Jessica Chastain to A-listers like Tessa Thompson and Paul Rudd, here are all the celebrities you probably forgot appeared on “Veronica Mars.”

“The Blacklist’s” Ryan Eggold played Logan’s brother, for real.

Eggold played Charlie Stone, Logan’s actual half-brother.

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