Spain – Cinemania – Never, rarely, sometimes, always

Never Rarely Sometimes Always

Eliza Hittman ‘s third feature film explores the terrible adversities that women who are pregnant against their will face in the US, especially the youngest and most vulnerable, and to do so observes the traumatic journey that a teenage girl from the provinces goes through in the company of her cousin to abortion in New York. The film takes place in a country where the legality of abortion is once again threatened, and includes several scenes in which grown men seem to think they have the right to degrade women; is therefore absolutely relevant. However, he avoids explicit confrontation. To express his political conscience, he resorts to the observation of spaces and behaviors, to a rigorous formal minimalism and an amazing dramatic containment, thanks to which fleeting moments, small gestures and elusive glances suggest waves of emotion.

Despite the fact that Hittman’s length is forceful when it comes to drawing our attention to the dangers that the young women endure on their journey –it works to a large extent as a thriller–, at the same time his way of portraying the bond between the two young women it exudes hope and tenderness, and it is moving without the need to fall into sentimentality . Ultimately, the most powerful image that the footage of him includes is that of two hands joined in silence, an unequivocal symbol of sisterhood and resistance.

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