Cinemablend – How New Amsterdam Will Explore Max And Helen’s Relationship In Season 3, According To Ryan Eggold

New Amsterdam

New Amsterdam has finally returned to NBC for Season 3 to pick up where Season 2 left off, but Max and the rest of the caregivers at the hospital have had a lot more on their minds than their relationships. The Season 3 premiere saw the characters attempting to get back to where they were prior to the pandemic. With Helen struggling to open herself up to a relationship with Cassian in the same episode that featured a touching Max/Helen scene on the rooftop, New Amsterdam has already raised the question of what’s next for the characters. Fortunately, star Ryan Eggold has weighed in.

The rooftop scene between Max and Helen in the Season 3 premiere (called “The New Normal”) was arguably the most emotionally honest either character had been in the entire episode, with Helen opening up about her fears and Max saying that he wants to tear down the system and build something better for her. And also for his daughter and “all of us,” but it’s worth noting that he did mention Helen specifically. Speaking with CinemaBlend, Ryan Eggold explained what viewers can expect from their dynamic after the setup in the Season 3 premiere:

You know, they were sort of coming to a place at the end of Season 2 where they were getting close to having a conversation that they maybe should have had by now, and sort of voicing things that have been unvoiced to this point, but then that’s complicated by the fact that Helen is now dating Cassian. And so whatever they were going to say to each other, whatever was going to be said is, again, sort of buried or brushed aside and swallowed. So it’s going to come to a head this season, whatever that means. Whether they’re best friends, whether they’re lovers, whether they never speak again. It’s time to sort of unearth what has been beneath the surface.

Well, it’s anybody’s guess what exactly will go down at this point, but Ryan Eggold indicating that everything that Max and Helen haven’t said will “come to a head” in Season 3 is pretty promising! Any kind of change in their relationship, for better or worse, can definitely add some layers of complexity to the new season. As Eggold said, however, there is the complication of Helen dating Daniel Dae Kim’s Dr. Cassian Shin.

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