TV Insider – ‘New Amsterdam’: Ryan Eggold and Jocko Sims Tease Sharpwin, Reynolds’ Love Life, and More

New Amsterdam - Season 3

After four episodes of New Amsterdam Season 3, some key characters are where they belong: Baby Luna is back home with her father, medical director Dr. Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold), after staying with her grandparents during the worst of the pandemic; and Dr. Floyd Reynolds (Jocko Sims) is back in New York and at New Amsterdam.

But things aren’t entirely where these characters would like to be. Max’s potential romance with Dr. Helen Sharpe (Freema Agyeman) — aka Sharpwin — is stalled, thanks to her new relationship with trauma surgeon Dr. Cassian Shin (Daniel Dae Kim); and Floyd is no longer head of cardiovascular surgery after a brief stint in San Francisco (and are are he and fiancée Evie, played by Margot Bingham, over just because she gave him back the ring?).

During a recent press junket, we were given teases on where these characters’ heads are at, and where they might be going.

Sharpwin Answers
Thanks to the promo for the March 30 episode, we know that Max is about to learn about Sharpe and Shin’s relationship — in just the way you’d expect from a TV drama: He walks in on them kissing in her office. But it might actually be for the best when it comes to Sharpwin’s future.

“There is a fun chemistry there to play with, and I just admire [Agyeman] as an actor, as a person,” Eggold says. “Their relationship’s really interesting to me because we all have people we’re close with, intimate with, even if it’s not romantic or sexual, but there’s a certain degree of intimacy, trust, sharing secrets, truths about ourselves and vulnerable moments. They have that and this will-they-won’t-they thing that’s been going on for a while.

“Seeing her with [Shin], this handsome, talented surgeon, shakes some of that stuff up and makes him ask, ‘What are we doing here?’ That story comes finally to a head this year — Max has to confront what’s going on.”

Baby on Board

While young Luna is a bit stand-offish when she first sees her father again, she’s happy to be home with him at the end of the March 23 episode. So what’s next for the medical director as he juggles being a single parent with running a hospital?

The seventh episode of Season 3 is “full of Luna troubles,” Eggold previews. “She’s teething and biting people and getting kicked out of daycare, and he’s … trying to juggle everything happening at the hospital. His wife is gone and he’s doing it alone. There’s a lot of humor and heartbreak.”

And if the end of “This Is All I Need” is any indication, a lot more adorable moments between father and daughter.

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