TV Insider – ‘New Amsterdam’: Where We Left Our Favorite Doctors Ahead of Season 4


With New Amsterdam tackling COVID in Season 3, it was a rough year, one with more losses than wins (due to the state of the world, executive producer David Schulner has explained). And it was one that ended with losses (not in the same way) and questions left up in the air for the doctors played by the series regulars.

For example, one doctor took off his wedding ring after losing his wife almost two seasons earlier. Another may have compromised her morals to get her girlfriend a residency spot at New Amsterdam and keep her on the east coast. One has made a major decision that will greatly affect how he goes about his job going forward, while another accepted a promotion only to realize just how complicated his life has become due to those involved. And one might be feeling the pull of her home country after seeing the state of a clinic in which she used to work.

Dr. Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold)
Max battled a shortage of supplies, trying to help too much, a chemical spill, custody meetings, and deciding to take off his wedding ring in Season 3. And while he may not have successfully completed as much as he would have liked at the hospital, he did end it with a declaration that he would be fighting to maintain custody of his daughter, taking off his wedding ring, and by kissing Helen.

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