TV Line – New Amsterdam Season 4 Poster Declares ‘Love Heals’… for ‘Sharpwin’?

TV Line Interview

Well, this certainly bodes well for “Sharpwin” fans. When New Amsterdam returns for Season 4, the NBC drama’s theme will be: “Love heals,” states TVLine’s exclusive key art for the upcoming run.

Considering those words are plastered over Max’s face, we have to believe the widower’s heart is on the mend and that he’s moving on after recently taking a big romantic leap. We doubt we have to remind you that the doc finally removed his wedding ring and then kissed Helen in the Season 3 finale, acting on long-simmering feelings for his friend/colleague.

After a difficult year that found the hospital staff dealing with COVID and its emotional toll, “I think that what we’ll see in Season 4 is, hopefully, what we’re all feeling right now in this hopeful moment of a new beginning — that the worst is behind us, and the best is in front of us,” showrunner David Schulner told TVLine during a post mortem Q&A. “I think a lot of us have thought about how we want to live our lives differently, how we can be better, how we can love the people close to us more fully. So hopefully Max is where all of us are or will be soon, embracing the future.”

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