Spain – Cinemania – “Love heals”: first images of season 4 of ‘New Amsterdam’

New Amsterdam - Season 4

One of the certainties that the pandemic has left us is that no matter how saturated we may be with news related to the health situation, that fictional series about hospitals will continue to triumph among the public.

This has been the case of New Amsterdam, the medical series on the NBC channel that began airing in 2018, but it has been during the last year that David Schulner ‘s show has triumphed; especially when it also premiered on platforms such as Movistar + (where you can see the third season exclusively) , Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

In the US, the fourth season will premiere on September 21. And, from what is already being anticipated on websites like TV Line, in the new episodes fans of the relationship between the leading doctors Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) and Helen Sharpe (Freema Agyeman) will have many reasons to continue sighing with the evolution of their sentimental tension, already red hot after the kiss from the previous season finale.

In case viewers needed more gas, the media has published the first official image of season 4 of New Amsterdam, completely focused on these characters. In it we can see Max and Helen embracing and with their faces very close to each other. Enough so that the fan community has erupted in shouts of joy on social networks.

“The public knows more about them than each one knows about the other,” Schulner said in anticipation of what he will explore this season in relation to the characters of Max and Helen. “Max doesn’t know what Helen was doing in London, he doesn’t know anything about Mina, her mother or the clinic where she worked. They have a lot to talk about before they can move forward together.”

New episodes of New Amsterdam grappling with this issue – and appropriately promoted with the tagline “Love Cures” – will begin airing on September 21. There is no release date in Spain yet.

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