Los Angeles Confidential – Ryan Eggold on what to expect from the new season of New Amsterdam

New Amsterdam - Season 2

As the heart and soul of NBC’s hit show New Amsterdam, returning for season 4 tonight, Ryan Eggold portrays Dr. Max Goodwin, the rebellious medical director constantly working to change the system for the better at New York City’s biggest public hospital. Prior to the premiere, we spoke to Eggold about what is in store for Dr. Goodwin and what fans can expect from the new season.

What initially drew you to the role of Max Goodwin?

I think what initially drew me to this character Max was his drive to get something done, no matter the cost. His disregard for authority, for conformity, for compliance and his unflinching myopic view of getting things done – Figuring out how do we better help people? How do we shift healthcare from a business to an industry of both health and care? It’s that kind of idealistic drive and compassion we all wish our politicians and our doctors and our real life leaders could have.

What’s in store for Dr. Goodwin and what can fans expect from this season?

I hope fans are as excited as I am about this season. Max and Helen are finally exploring this unexplored, unspoken, indefinable connection between them. I’m excited to see Max and these characters find joy, the good stuff because these characters, as we all do, face so many challenges. We all need to find our joy where we can. I’m excited to explore who Max is outside of the hospital and in the bedroom with someone he loves. And I’m excited to work more with Freema because it’s the most fun. She has a depth and a soul that is so palpable and she inspires me all the time.

How was it last year adapting to filming during the pandemic?

It had its many challenges as I’m sure everyone can relate to. It’s affected so many aspects of our lives and even the way people think and feel these days. I hope it reminds us how important human connection is and doesn’t make us afraid of it. Because I will say that for all the challenges that the pandemic has placed on filming a tv show or any job, for me, it was a welcome family to return to and so refreshing for everyone to be together again. That closeness is important. For all of us.

In addition to New Amsterdam, what projects do you have next up on the horizon?

I shot a film for Tyler Perry called A Jazzman’s Blues that should be released on Netflix next year. It’s my second time working with Tyler and he’s a great filmmaker who’s always growing and exploring new things. This was a script he wrote many years ago that was near and dear to his heart and he finally got to make it. I’m super proud of him and I think it’s going to turn out beautifully. And it has some great music. Other than that, I’m always trying to find the odd Sunday to steal some time to work on my own projects. I have a few things cooking but more on that later. Gotta leave a little mystery… right?

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