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New Amsterdam

Medical series have experienced a renaissance in recent years. Each novelty in this genre presents a different view of the world of medicine, the life of hospital staff, or the stories of patients who go to the hospital ward. “The Good Doctor” is the touching story of a surgeon with an autism spectrum disorder; “Residents” showed the dark side of the medical world; and “The Surgeons” have for years attracted viewers who want to combine a series about doctors with a melodrama. The “New Amsterdam Hospital”, which after three seasons is already a global phenomenon, has hit this landscape.

On October 13, Polish viewers will be able to learn about the fate of Dr. Max Goodwin and his team from the hospital. The third season of the series, broadcast for the first time in our country, will show the New Amsterdam team’s struggle with all the problems that 2020 brought – from a pandemic, through problems with vaccine availability, to protests, dangers related to climate change, and issues of discrimination and systemic racism in the United States.

Max Goodwin: The hero of our time

Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) is still the greatest hero. And still his endearing and at the same time irritating optimism as well as the will to fix the world lift the viewer’s spirits. This imperfect doctor, despite the collision with reality, infects him with optimism, and despite the fact that many times fate throws him new obstacles at his feet, he slowly begins to change the world around him step by step. His relationship with Helen (Freema Agyeman) changes, and he has to deal with the role of the father in addition.

There is no good series without a very great background. Dr. Frome’s plot deserves special attention in the third season. Iggy will face the demons of the past, a new threat and his own weaknesses in this series. His road to acceptance and change is touching, and one of the best scenes of the season is his confrontation with Lauren (Janet Montgomery).

Lauren Bloom versus the rest of the world

Speaking of Dr. Lauren Bloom … The stubborn and uncompromising heroine is one of the most intriguing characters of “New Amsterdam Hospital”. This time, the viewers will watch how awkwardly he is dealing with his love life. This thread caught the attention of many viewers, but it is what my biggest criticism is about. It just goes really fast. It will definitely be developed in the fourth series (already broadcast in the US), but looking at the story as a whole, it could use a few more scenes and moments in which it could simply be deepened.

“New Amsterdam”: Fixing the world step by step

“New Amsterdam Hospital” remains one of the most interesting medical series, not only because of interesting, friendly characters or medical issues or a well-written script. In times of optimism as medicine, it’s just fun to observe the attempts of a doctor who tries to help everyone selflessly and is … honest about it.

“New Amsterdam”: The cast of the series
The series features: Ryan Eggold – Maks Goodwin, Freema Agyeman as Helen Sharpe, Janet Montgomery as Lauren Bloom, Jocko Sims as Floyd Pearson, Anupam Kher from the series Anil Kapoor and Tyler Labine as Iggy Frome.

“New Amsterdam”: What is the popular medical series about?
“New Amsterdam” is an adaptation of the book “Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital” by Eric Manheimer . This iconic medical drama was produced by Universal Television, Pico Creek Productions and Mount Moriah, and it conquers the hearts of viewers around the world. The plot of the series focuses on Dr. Max Goodwin, the medical director who wants to restore the hospital to its former glory .

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