Italy – Sorrisi – From “The good doctor” to “DOC”: ten series set in the hospital

New Amsterdam

Four major returns, including that of Addison Montgomery (to whom the spin-off series “Private practice” was dedicated), mark the 18th season of “ Grey’s Anatomy ” , available on-demand on Disney + since last October 27th. The medical drama created by Shonda Rhimes back in 2005 not only rekindled the spotlight on the US channel ABC, along with “Desperate housewives” and “Lost”, but also launched the careers of actors and actresses of the caliber of Patrick Dempsey , Sandra Oh and Katherine Heigl . While they, however, slowly escaped from the cast, the presence of Ellen Pompeo remained granite, the Meredith Gray to whom the play on words of the title alludes: “Grey’s Anatomy” is in fact a famous medical manual by Henry Gray.

Outside the Seattle Grace Hospital , however, American television and that of our home have seen dozens of postgraduates , anesthetists, surgeons and nurses pass by: here are ten cult titles to see and review on the main platforms.

10. New Amsterdam
Dr. Max Goodwin is the new director of America’s oldest public hospital : underfunded, understaffed yet the only one capable of treating Ebola patients and the president of the United States; Colleagues and colleagues are skeptical, but he is determined to upset the status quo. Four Seasons with Ryan Eggold , inspired by New York City’s Bellevue Hospital Center .

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