Poland – Swiatseriali -“New Amsterdam”: Polish premiere of the 4th season in January 2022!

New Amsterdam

January 19, 2022 is a date that all Polish fans of Max Goodwin and his hospital team should write in their calendars. On this day, the premiere episode of the fourth season of the series “New Amsterdam Hospital” will appear! The newest part will be largely based on the slogan “love heals.” What exactly is underneath it?

“News Amsterdam “: The plot of the 4th season
After the pandemic theme that the third season focused on, there was a moment of respite, joy and happiness. After the difficult time that the heroes have to face, they will begin to listen to their heart and choose the path leading to love. It is not without reason that the slogan of the latest part of the medical hit is “love heals”, and the episodes largely focus on the story of Maks (Ryan Eggold) and Helen (Freema Agyeman), whose friendship will turn into something more.

The fourth season also brings new characters. Two new people will join the cast of the series – Michelle Forbes (series Dr. Veronica Fuentes) and Sandra Mae Frank (series Dr. Elizabeth Wilder), who will mix up the hospital walls a bit. The series also stars Janet Montgomery as Dr. Lauren Bloom, Jocko Sims as Dr. Floyd Pearson and Tyler Labine as Dr. Iggy Frome.

“New Amsterdam”: Season 4. Where to watch?

The new, fourth season of “New Amsterdam Hospital” will be available every Wednesday, starting on January 19 at 22:00 exclusively on the FOX channel.

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