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New Amsterdam

According to many people, life, daily activities and contacts with others will never be the same again. And what does it look like in series? Did the heroes struggle with the same problems as us? One of the series that touched on this difficult topic is “New Amsterdam”, in which Max Goodwin’s team is at the frontline of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Maria Rotkiel, a psychologist, family therapist, couple therapist, motivational trainer for professional and personal development, and certified cognitive behavioral therapist, talks about the relationship during the pandemic, love among the characters of the series, but also about her professional observations.

The time of the pandemic is an important lesson that is an opportunity for development, but also for understanding ourselves, not in spite of the difficulties we face, but thanks to them. It is a lesson that can teach us a lot and change a lot for the better in our lives. For some it is a time that has become an opportunity to introduce positive changes, learn helpful skills and discover their potential and good, for others it is a painful attempt full of losses and sacrifices. The pandemic also irretrievably affected our relations – it allowed some people to get closer to each other, and for others to decide that it was time to go another way.

New reality also on the screen

The pandemic changed our everyday lives, but it also became a theme in our favorite series. One such example where producers have undertaken to show this difficult subject is “New Amsterdam Hospital”. The third season allows us to watch the daily work of doctors who had to sacrifice so much in this difficult time and at the same time give their best. In the fourth, most recent part, we will be able to see the effects of what they have faced so far, but also observe the changes that have taken place in their lives.

The series helps us see that the medical staff to whom we owe so much and whom we call “heroes” are at the same time people like us who love, fear, get angry, make difficult decisions, experience losses and make mistakes.

A hero in love with a white cape – what will come of it?
Doctor Max Goodwin is identified with the character of the protagonist. By getting to know its everyday life, we can learn that you don’t have to be perfect or have supernatural powers to actually become one. By observing closely those we admire, we can discover the potential in ourselves and the fact that each of us can act heroically. By getting to know the fate of the characters from the series, we can better understand the courage of those we know and admire in our close surroundings, and above all, we can inspire and motivate ourselves to be a better person every day with this attitude.

But after all, every hero has a human, ordinary side. His weaknesses, unpleasant experiences, demons with which he struggles every day, and most of all his feelings. Over the course of several seasons of the series, we see that each of the series doctors has been in love at least once. They constantly enter into new relationships that are often difficult and complicated – but isn’t it the same in real life? Of course it is. Examples of relationships such as Max Goodwin and Helen Sharpe, whose story began with a friendship, or those in which two people joined together in a difficult situation – I had thousands in my career. We are constantly looking for support in another human being, someone who will pull us up when everything is collapsing around us. This is our natural, human reflex. Everyone needs someone close.

Will love help the famous “How can I help”?

“How can I help” is a question that can definitely be called the heart and heart of the New Amsterdam Hospital series. It appears many times in all seasons, and its foundation is always empathy, a sincere willingness to help and an attempt to find a solution in a given situation. These are also the main themes of the series, which in the fourth season will be additionally joined by the slogan “love heals”. So it is worth asking a question at this point – can the famous “How can I help” help both in everyday life and in the series, for love?

We often don’t realize it, but any of us can ask the question. The series helps us to see that each of us has the potential to help and to do good. The harder the time, the better the opportunity to discover what is most precious and valuable in us. The pandemic is just such a time. Those who managed to find themselves in reality full of limitations introduced helpful changes and appreciated what previously seemed obvious – relationships and closeness of another person, the possibility of shaking hands, hugs or meetings.

New Amsterdam

With the onset of the pandemic, many of us started working remotely. This new situation we faced required more understanding from the society and, interestingly, it verified relations with loved ones. Locked in our houses – if we live under the same roof – we had to spend more time together. For many it was a positive experience – it allowed them to get closer to each other, better understand the needs of the household members, their problems and concerns. For young unions, it was a time of trial – perhaps so far they had not had the opportunity to spend so much time in each other’s company, and the lockdown allowed them to get to know each other from all sides. For some, however, it was a time of separation and the inability to meet freely. A crisis is often an opportunity for us, then we learn the most and become better people – for ourselves and for others.

Doctors, unlike many professions, could not switch to remote work. However, serial characters from “New Amsterdam Hospital” also encountered other problems that we faced. They also experienced separation from their loved ones, which was often very difficult for them. Isolated, closed with problems and the same people, for some time they had moments of crisis, but also moments of doubt. It was then that the question “How can I help” often kept them alive and encouraged.

Has the pandemic changed us?
Time will tell what the pandemic has taught us. However, I think we can say right now that for some it was a chance to be the best version of ourselves, to make positive changes and make important decisions, for others it was sometimes difficult and full of fear and anger, which made them more distrustful and embittered. What connects us with the series characters in white coats is certainly a whole range of emotions and feelings. The slogan of the fourth season of the series – love heals – is a beautiful motto that everyone should take to heart. Certainly, many of us have survived the hard times thanks to our relatives. On the other hand – many relationships have been tarnished, but love can be the motivation to repair or improve them.

As a psychologist, I know that many of us, appreciating the value of relationships and ordinary everyday pleasures, have drawn important and helpful conclusions from this unusual time. Like the heroes of the series, as well as doctors and other frontline people, many of us discovered our potential and used it to make a positive difference. Difficult moments and trials are an opportunity for development, which put us before the choices, teaching us how much we have to offer to others and how we need a loved one to be a support for us.

The next episodes of the struggles of Max Goodwin and his team in the fourth season of the series “Hospital New Amsterdam” can be watched on the FOX channel from January 19 at 22:00.

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