Buzzfeed – 21 Times Hollywood Cast Actors Over The Age Of 30 To Play Teenagers And It Was Really Weird

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This is because of labor laws that restrict the working hours of people under the age of 18, and because twentysomethings are likely to have more experience and training than teenagers. Also, a lot of teen dramas/movies like to cast hot people without awkward phases and acne, etc.

This mostly makes sense to me. What doesn’t make as much sense is when actors in their 30s are cast as teenagers. Like, sometimes these people are TWICE the age of the characters they’re meant to play.

15. Michael Steger, who played Navid on 90210, was 30 by the time Season 3 (the characters’ senior year) began airing.

Fun fact: Ryan Eggold, who played a teacher on the show, is four years younger than Michael.

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