Epicstream – All The Netflix Original Movies Coming in 2022


2022 is going to be an epic year for Netflix movies. On Feb.3, the streaming giant has released a movie preview trailer that showed footage from several big original films being released throughout the year. However, the trailer is just a sample of what Netflix is planning to release this year. The streamer pledge to release at least one new film every week, but there are actually a few more than that coming in 2022.

In addition to the trailer, Netflix shared a complete list of original movies premiering on its streaming platform in 2022, along with descriptions of the plot and talent involved. There’s a total of 86 movies in the list, so there’s a lot to look forward to.

A Jazzman’s Blues
Based on the very first screenplay Tyler Perry wrote more than 20 years ago, A Jazzman’s Blues “unspools forty years of secrets and lies in a tale of forbidden love and family drama soundtracked by juke joint blues in the deep South.” Perry will also direct and produce the movie, which stars Joshua Boone, Solea Pfeiffer, Amirah Vann, Austin Scott and Ryan Eggold.

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