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New Amsterdam

There are plenty of series on doctors and nurses, but this one is really special: “New Amsterdam” has reached its fourth season and continues to thrill the public also because here the fiction and the reconstruction of the facts are very close to reality.

The events narrated are those of a true American public hospital, a rarity in the US private health system. Returning for a moment to “fiction”, in the new episodes we find the medical director Max Goodwin ( Ryan Eggold ) and the entire team ready to help others with the passion and energy that distinguishes them. Not only that: for Max it will also be the time to make important professional choices and clarify his feelings towards doctor Helen Sharpe ( Freema Agyeman ): for him there will even be a trip to London. Here we do not make any other previews, but we reveal some curiosities …

Max Goodwin’s character is inspired by Dr. Eric Manheimer, author of the book “Twelve patients: life & death at Bellevue Hospital” (there is only in English, unfortunately). Here he recounts his 15-year experience as a medical director at Bellevue in New York, during which he collected over 150 notebooks. Here, this is the point: the New Amsterdam hospital is in fact the Bellevue (462 First Avenue, Manhattan). Founded in 1736 to provide accessible medical care for all, it is the oldest public hospital in the United States, and the first to host a maternity ward – since 1799!

In 1893, during his second term, United States President Grover Cleveland underwent surgery to remove a tumor in his mouth. The disease was kept secret to avoid the worsening of the economic situation. The delicate operation was performed on a boat by a team of doctors from the Bellevue Hospital who used innovative techniques for those times.

Patients admitted to the series at New Amsterdam (and in reality at Bellevue) are those included in Medicaid, the American federal program that provides aid for the poorest. They were able to take advantage of it thanks to the so-called “Obamacare”, the health reform wanted in 2010 by the then President Barack Obama.

Hollywood likes Bellevue Hospital: numerous directors have chosen it for their filming. Among the films we remember “Side effects”, “Extreme measures ¬ Extreme solutions” and “Awake Anestesia conscious”.

When, in 2020, due to the pandemic, the recordings were interrupted, David Schulner, creator of the series, asked to donate to the hospitals masks and other medical devices that should have been used for the filming, thus making them available to the community.

If in the series Dottor Max is reserved about his love life, Ryan Eggold is even more so. There is one certainty (as you can see from the photos he publishes on social channels): he is very fond of his dog Jody. And recently she participated with him in the campaign of the animal rights association Peta on the importance of adopting a dog without buying it.

Ryan Eggold said he really admires his character because he puts others ahead of himself: “Max dedicates his life to people. He is a charismatic doctor, who often neglects bureaucracy and hierarchy to try to improve the hospital and offer the best care to patients, “said the actor. «I owe a lot to Spike Lee who directed me in “ BlacKkKlansman ”: he was the one who taught me to get into roles by letting me go, putting my heart and soul into it. So I did with the character of Max ».

Numerous fans of the charming doctor can also see him streamed on Prime Video in the drama “Never Rarely Sometimes Always” and in the acclaimed series “The Blacklist” where he is Tom Keen, a secret agent who has a lot to hide.

There is another series called “New Amsterdam” (2008) and it’s about a homicide detective, played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (the Jaime Lannister from “Game of Thrones”). Characteristic? Being immortal.

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