UK – Express – The Blacklist blunder: Glaring error with Tom Keen’s passport exposed


The Blacklist fans shared a huge error from the NBC show’s second season which landed on screens in 2015. As viewers await the premiere of the thriller’s 10th season, many have taken to re-watching the series, whereas others are binge-watching in time for its anticipated 2023 return.

The season two episode titled ‘T.Earl King VI’ saw the return of Tom Keen (played by Ryan Eggold) who had quickly become a fan favourite.

Tom made his comeback on the show to undertake a tense mission for an older man named Bud, who asked him: “How is your German.”

In order to take on his task, he had to travel to Germany to infiltrate Die Entrechteten which was a white supremacist drug cartel based in Dresden.

Before Tom boarded his flight to Germany, fans spotted a major error with his fake passport and exposed it on the movie mistakes forum.

The eagle-eyed viewer stated: “The German passport has a photograph loosely attached, this is not the case on a real European passport.

“It also has the American date format, but with correct European date separators,” they concluded.

As the passport was so unrealistic fans questioned how Tom would’ve been able to fly after a clear indication the document was fake.

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