Looper – The Blacklist Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The Blacklist

On “The Blacklist,” Megan Boone plays a talented FBI profiler named Elizabeth Keen. She’s able to put together facts out of hints and nuances in order to figure out exactly who she is dealing with — a skill that helps her as she tries to unravel the mysteries of her own past. Liz’s journey to find out the truth — about Red, her father, her mother, and her history — means turning that discerning eye inward, as she tries to figure herself out.

We’ve all been there. In the show’s story, Liz is aided (or is she?) in her quest by Red Reddington and his global network of spies, killers, thieves, and cheats. A major question on the show from the first time she meets Red is: How does Red seemingly know everything about her? The profiler has been profiled. Maybe everybody could use a Red Reddington to help figure themselves out. But you don’t need Red, or to be an FBI profiler, to discover which “Blacklist” character you would be based on your zodiac sign.

Scorpio: Tom Keen

Tom Keen (Ryan Eggold) is secretive, alluring, and capable of great depth. He lives at least two lives — one could even argue more than two. But every version of Tom we meet has a different kind of secret. From Liz’s first discovery of his passport stash to later, when they are still living together despite Liz knowing the truth, and again when his daughter is in danger, Tom’s capable of pretending to be someone else entirely. And before and in-between, we have Tom’s life as a black ops assassin.

Tom is notably attractive to folks of all genders, which certainly helps him in his pursuits, but also speaks to his desire to connect. It’s at odds with his nature, but that’s the burden of the Scorpio: desperation for connection and belonging that is continually undermined by sudden leaps in mood or perspective. They say the scorpion’s sting can’t be anticipated, and that’s very true of Scorpios, who often reserve their worst stings for those closest to them.

Tom’s depth lends energy to the initial season, as we’re secretly almost rooting for Liz’s fears and investigation to turn out incorrect so that Tom can stay sweet, and innocent. Later (after she’s kidnapped and tortures him in turn), we see tremendous emotional strength in his continued relationship with Liz, which speaks highly of them both. The Scorpion may be hard to predict — and even a little scary, at times — but a Scorpio in love is willing to go through hell.

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