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New Amsterdam

The wait is over: You can finally see the second season of “New Amsterdam” on Netflix. But when is season 3 coming?

The popular hospital series “New Amsterdam” was first broadcast in 2018 on the US broadcaster NBC. A year later, the first season premiered on German television. Finally, in 2021, online streaming service Netflix secured the rights to the popular series starring Ryan Eggold as Dr. Max Goodwin and Freema Agyeman as Dr. Helen Sharpe.

In July 2022, the second season of “New Amsterdam” followed on Netflix. How long do Netflix subscribers have to wait for season three? Read below where you can already see season 3 of “New Amsterdam” .

What is the popular hospital series New Amsterdam currently on Netflix about?
In “New Amsterdam” stands Dr. Max Goodwin, portrayed by Ryan Eggold, faces a major challenge as the new medical director of New York’s New Amsterdam Hospital. Because the hospital is underfunded and outdated. dr Among other things, Max Goodwin has to defend himself against employees in order to push through the modernization.

When does season 3 of New Amsterdam start on Netflix?
Netflix has not yet announced when the third season of New Amsterdam will be available. There was a year between the first and second seasons on Netflix. But usually the intervals between individual seasons in licensed series are getting shorter and shorter. It could therefore well be that the third season of “New Amsterdam” will appear on Netflix in late 2022 or early 2023 .

Where can you stream New Amsterdam Season 3 now?
Don’t want to wait until more seasons of New Amsterdam come out on Netflix? Then you have various options to still enjoy Season 3 and possibly Season 4 of the popular hospital series.

Instead of Netflix – Here you can see the third season of “New Amsterdam”:

RTL+: RTL ‘s online streaming service offers the first four seasons of “New Amsterdam”. You have the choice between the original language English or the German dubbing.
Amazon Prime Video: The online shipping giant is also showing all four seasons of “New Amsterdam” that have been released so far. In contrast to RTL +, however, only the first season is available in the Amazon Prime subscription. If you want to stream the remaining seasons of “New Amsterdam” on Amazon Prime Video, you have to pay extra. In addition, there is only the first season in German dubbing, you can only watch seasons 2-4 of “New Amsterdam” on Amazon Prime Video in the English original version. Which streaming service is better – Amazon Prime Video or Netflix?
DVD/Blu-Ray: If you don’t want to subscribe to RTL+ or Amazon Prime Video, you can at least buy seasons 1-3 of “New Amsterdam” on DVD or Blu-ray.

By the way : Season 3 of “New Amsterdam” has only 14 episodes for the first time. The reason for this is the global corona pandemic, which has made filming considerably more difficult.

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