Ryan is also a musician, playing guitar and piano. He’s part of the band Eleanor Avenue and also wrote some soundtracks for his movies.Plus he sometimes shares some songs via Instagram Story.

Eleanor Avenue


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Sondtracks and Music on Movies

Ryans music can be found on the Soundtracks of Grizzly Park (2008) where he sang “Say That You Hear Me” and “Carry Me Home”. He didn’t play in that movie but contributed his songs. He also wrote and perforemd 2 songs (“Life Goes Sideways” and “Don’t Take Your Love Away”) for Lovesong (2016)

Hes’s also metioned as composer for Breaking Up and Away, Skyler, Literally, Right Before Aaron and Sironia

Playing Music in his movies

Beside of this he played some music in several of his movies like Lucky Them, Sironia, Scent of a woman and Queen. So check out his movies to find more of it