Related (2006)

Turns out that Trish has been sub-letting her apartment to Jason and is now kicking him and Marjee out of it. So they have to go to Anne’s place. Joe calls Ginnie from Cape Cod and invites her and Bob there. Rose finally has realized she loves Joel and breaks the “news” to her sisters, who are not surprised in the least. They have known all along and since Joel now has a girlfriend, Rose has only one option: to suffer. And suffer she shall, because Joel invites her to his birthday party. As for Marjee, Anne and Ginnie feel that she should protect herself from Jason now that he is her business partner. Also, they don’t like him so much. The argument ends with Marjee storming out. (source IMBD)


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Ryan was starring in episode 17 of season 1, playing Lloyd. If you have any further informations, screenshots etc, please let me know